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Foot Massager

Product Details :

Type Air-Pressure, Rolling
Working Principle Mechanical
Color Black
Operation Mode M Manual, Foot Spas, Electric
Warranty One Year

Product Details :

FOOT MASSAGER is a multi-functional massager catering to the lower body circulation problems. It can be used for a relaxing kneading massage on the feet, ankles, calves, thighs and arms. You can also lie down on a flat surface and use it as a dedicated massager for calves or thigh.

Foot massager is an extraordinary and ergonomically-designed machine which activates joints to maximize relaxation and release tension through the complicated network of nerves in your feet. It simultaneously provides invigorating massage to feet and ankles. Its strong kneading action penetrates deeply into the muscles and helps relieve tension and improve circulation. Pressure nodes located under the soles of your feet stimulate the vital reflexology pressure points.

Features :

  • Testing all age groups & both genders.
  • Kneading Massage to ease muscle ache.
  • Suitable for Home & Office use.
  • Acts on foot to reduce fatigue.
  • Can be used for foot, calves, thighs and arms.
  • With Predefined Modes of massage.
  • Built-in auto timer of 15 minutes.
  • With auto and manual mode, 4 different programs in auto mode.
  • Safe, reliable and durable.

Benefits :

  • Headache, Migraines Headache: Massage points in foot can greatly ease the headache and other related problems.
  • Sore Shoulders: Massage gives direct effects to promote stagnation, improves blood circulation and relieves sore shoulders.
  • Cervical Pain: Gives relief in cervical pain.
  • Stomachache: Foot massager can also ease stomach pain, gastritis, etc.
  • Fatigue: Helps to ease muscle tension and fatigue.
  • Abnormal Blood Pressure: Helps to maintain blood pressure and keeps it under control.
  • Eliminates Constipation: It promotes bowel movements, protects the liver, kidney and other important organs.
  • Slimming: Continuous use can give a slimming effect.
  • Detox : Helps in smooth flow of lymph points to achieve the purpose of detoxification.
  • Insufficient Sleep, Insomnia: Helps promote blood circulation, which relieves stress and improves sleep.
  • Foot massager gives relief from cold, stimulates the ovaries and pituitary gland functions in women.